A tasty meal prep and lean meal option from our healthy food delivery service in Tampa.‘Variety is the spice of life and the flavor of our gourmet healthy meal plans and deliciously lean diet menus.’

Redefining Meal Plan Delivery

From our weekly Paleo Diet Menus to vegetarian meal delivery options to our affordable healthy meal plan menus. CaterMeFit is cornering the gourmet food delivery and dinner fresh healthy food delivery market and redefining what Tampa home delivery means.

No longer does food delivery mean only Chinese, Pizza, or other fast-food-like options with processed foods, heavy sauces, high caloric numbers, artificial ingredients, and minimal nutritional value. With Cater Me Fit, food delivery can be healthy and affordable.

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Gourmet Food Delivery Plans

Our unique meal plan fresh healthy food delivery in Tampa (and the surrounding communities) means that CaterMeFit has the meal service choices that are right for your unique individual needs and budget. Our meal delivery services include Traditional Plan, Lean Paleo Plan, and Vegetarian Plan. Lean food delivery options are designed exclusively for health-oriented carb conscious individuals.

From a 1200 calorie vegetarian diet plan menu to a variety of lean meals for weight loss, we have delicious options designed specifically for busy professionals and families who simply want to make their lives easier and free up some valuable time while enjoying our gourmet food paleo meal delivery options.

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Our Home Food Delivery Menus

Gourmet is a cultural idea associated with fine culinary cuisine, and home food is traditionally defined at a much more comfortable and casual level.

Never before has any healthy diet delivery company mastered the art of providing the high-end standards for healthy pre-made meals associated with gourmet quality while providing the comfort of having home food delivered to your door.

CaterMeFit is changing the culinary game and delighting taste buds across the entire Tampa Bay Area while helping thousands of residents lose more weight providing meals delivered to home, increase their general health, and successfully free up hours each day that can be better spent in other ways.

Our gourmet meals and home delivery meal plan options can be custom designed to your caloric needs or specific dietary requirements, and our dinner delivery clean meal plans will work with your specific body and dietary constraints.

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