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“Cater Me Fit has mastered the art of cooking healthy yet delicious perfectly portioned vegetarian meals.”

Vegetarian Meal Delivery Service In Tampa

Are you a vegetarian looking for a nutritionally-sound and flavorfully-delicious vegetarian meal delivery service that offers high-quality plant-based meal plans every day of the week?

If yes, then our vegetarian meal delivery service is perfect for you! This clean eating meal plan is carefully crafted for those seeking to partake in a partial or full plant-based diet, and for those who want to lose weight. Cater Me Fit Menu can be customized for your special needs, especially when you are vegetarian and you want to keep a balanced diet. Cater Me Fit Tampa is your Tampa healthy meal delivery spot offering fresh and healthy meal plans delivery options. Our unique catered food delivery services are best in town bringing the best of you, keeping you in perfect health condition.

Like our Paleo Diet Meal Plan, our vegetarian meal plans are devised by qualified and leading nutritionists/dietitians to ensure that the menu includes a large variety and smart combination of healthy and nutrient dense vegetables in each vegetarian meal so that you enjoy your platter to the fullest. For those just starting on a full vegetable-based diet, getting the most out of your vegetarian meal delivery means feeling increases in your energy levels, mental clarity, weight loss. For those who are continuing their journey, our vegetarian delivery service aims to build on your health and wellness goals while keeping you happy, healthy, and satisfied.

Vegetarian Meal Plans

Each vegetarian meal is prepared clean and cooked fresh in a hygienic environment by our in-house chefs and culinary experts. To deliver the highest quality vegetarian meal plans possible, we only use the best local and seasonal farm fresh ingredients, and our chefs have the experience and expertise to create culinary delights in 5 star, gourmet style kitchen… ensuring that every vegetarian delivery is seasoned perfectly and portioned to the right calorie count.

Custom Vegetarian Food Delivery

We also provide you custom vegetarian meal plans so that you can adjust your order to your specific caloric needs and nutritional requirements – effectively striking the optimal nutritional balance for you. Just let us know what you require and we will personalize your vegetarian food delivery plan to meet your requests and requirements, while ensuring that there is no compromise on taste or nutritional value. Here at CaterMeFit, we have a plan to fit every need. Feel free to read more about our goals and mission on our company page.

Healthy Vegetarian Meals For Delivery

Through our healthy vegetarian delivery service, we provide great meals according to your weekly plan – cooked fresh and delivered to your doorstep every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. But more than just healthy, our vegetarian meals for delivery are delicious, custom crafted by the unique recipes of our master chef, who personally ensures that every clean eating meal plan (vegetarian) meets our highest standards of quality, taste, and nutritional content.

What To Expect?

Our vegetarian meal plan includes 3-4 vegetarian meals per day with each meal ranging between 300 and 400 calories and packed with 8-10 ounces of vegetables.

  • Choose from 2-3 meals a day for 5 days
  • Approximately 300-400 calories per meal
  • Local, fresh produce and ingredients used
  • Exciting new menu items created weekly
  • Limited Dairy, Salt, and Sugar
  • Preservative Free
  • Packed with 8-10 ounces of vegetables
  • Increases energy level and mental clarity
  • Includes a combination of super-foods like kale, spinach, legumes, nuts, and quinoa
  • Optional add-ons include snacks(Trail Mix, Boiled Egg; $15 per week)

And if there is anything we can do to enhance your experience or make your healthy vegetarian meal delivery service as satisfying as possible, please don’t hesitate to let us know.


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