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Paleo Meal Plan Delivery

Paleo Meal Delivery Tampa

The CaterMeFit lean meal plans and Paleo food delivery services are inspired by principles of the Paleo diet, which originated in the Paleolithic Era when there were no processed foods, refined sugars, dairy farms, or carbohydrate-heavy meals.

Primarily, hunters and gatherers, our ancestors survived on a high protein diet of healthy lean foods provided by the goodness of Mother Nature, such as wild fruit, nuts, grass-fed lean meats, fresh fish, and seasonal vegetables.

When you select your weekly lean meal delivery plan and try our gourmet Paleo meal delivery service in Tampa, you get the benefits of a clean lean diet low in problematic refined ingredients and trans fats that cause weight gain and health issues. Our farm-fresh Paleo home delivery meal plans also help you stay slimmer and fitter while boosting your daily energy levels.

Lean Meal Plans: A Lean Diet for a Healthy Lifestyle

Our lean meal plan portions and selections are created along the same lines of Mother Nature’s original Paleo diet meal plan – not as strict but definitely healthier and more savory. And like our traditional healthy prepared meals menu and vegetarian diet meal delivery service, we focus on high-quality farm fresh ingredients cooked by a master chef and delivered three times per week. Here at Cater Me Fit our lean delivery services are offering only 5-star quality meals.

Our Paleo diet meal delivery program makes eating right and losing weight simple and easy.

More than just really good for your body, CaterMeFit’s Paleo menu choices and gourmet lean food delivery service options will submerge you in mouthwatering and delightful flavors designed not only as lean meals for weight loss but to provide a treat for your taste buds.

Paleo Food Delivery Services

Our lean meal plans and Paleo meal menus are designed exclusively for health-oriented, carb conscious individuals looking for a variety of fresh and healthy low carb meals delivered to Tampa, FL and many of the surrounding communities.  You can rely on our paleo delivery meals focusing on providing the highest level of service in the industry.  Cater Me Fit provides the best healthy meal delivery services in Tampa, Fl.

Eating lean meals for weight loss and good health depends on getting the right portion of calories and nutrients. The CaterMeFit Paleo home delivery program focuses on providing a balanced lean protein diet supplemented with nuts, fruits, and vegetables. Our Paleo catering prevents the over intake of grains, sugars, dairy, and processed foods.

The CaterMeFit weekly Paleo menu lets you eat clean and live lean while enjoying healthy flavorful meals cooked to absolute perfection.

The foundation of our lean meal plan consists of unprocessed foods, fish, eggs, fresh juicy fruits, lean meat, primarily non-starchy vegetables, legumes, and fiber-rich beans.

Paleo Diet Meal Delivery: Healthy and Delicious Paleo Catering

Long gone are the days when following lean diets and sticking to paleo diet portions mean sacrificing eating enjoyment for health purposes. Now you can have both and get Paleo fit at the same time. Cater Me Fit Pale catering diet options will change your lifestyle completely using our weight loss food delivery services. 

The delivered lean meals offered on the weekly Paleo menu at CaterMeFit are carefully and meticulously crafted by industry-leading nutritionists, dietitians, and fitness experts, ensuring that our Paleo food delivery meals are healthy and nutritionally balanced including all the low carb and low-calorie meal options.

However, to make the food tasty and scrumptious, we brought in a head chef and an array of qualified culinary experts. Their years of experience, profound skills, and practical knowledge have enabled us to provide wonderfully healthy delivered meals in ways that taste divine and embody the perfect calorie count in truly 5 Star gourmet style.

We are proud to provide the ultimate healthy home delivery meal plans in Tampa and invite you to try them out for yourself.

Custom Home Delivery Meal Plans

Best of all, since everyone has different caloric needs, we provide you custom low-calorie meal delivery options including specific meat selections, extra portions, a high protein low-calorie meal plan featuring only fish, multiple 300-400 calorie meals, and a 1200 calorie diet plan to name a few. Have your fresh meals delivered to your door! The mission of Cater Me Fit is convenience and meal preparation service only with quality fresh ingredients.

If you need help, feel free to have your Paleo diet meal delivery plan customized according to your caloric-requirements by our qualified nutritionists, ensuring that you get a perfectly portioned and caloric controlled lean meal plan from our diet meal delivery experts. Most of our Paleo catering options gives you the ability to customize your own Paleo delivery meals. The Cater Me Fit home delivery meal plans have the best lean food delivery options for everyone that wants to be in a good sports shape.

The Cater Me Fit Menu:

This diet delivery plan consists of 2-5 meals daily designed to help build muscle, shrink fat cells, and boost your energy levels. All meals under our Lean Paleo-style plan are approximately 350-450 calories/serving depending on your choices and upgrades. They are processed food and preservative free with very limited dairy, salt, and sugar. Each meal is perfectly portioned and is cooked FRESH in a CLEAN environment by our in-house REAL CHEFS in true 5-Star Gourmet Style.


  • Local, Fresh Produce and Ingredients
  • NO Processed Foods or Preservatives
  • Exciting New Menu Items Created Weekly
  • Limited Dairy, Salt, and Sugar
  • 4-6 Ounces of Lean Protein Including Pork, Chicken, Beef, Fish, and Turkey
  • 2-4 Ounces of Fresh Seasonal Fruits and Non-Starchy Vegetables*
  • Optional Add-on Upgrades Include: Snacks, Desserts, Kids Lunches, and Family Dinners
  • Hungry Man Upgrade Available = 550-650 Calories. ($9.95 per meal)

*The Exceptions are Healthy Starchy Vegetables Like Sweet Potatoes and Spaghetti Squash

A typical day on our lean meal plan consists of breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Our Paleo diet meal delivery Tampa program is top notch. If you prefer to create your own Paleo food delivery lean meal plan just customize your weekly Paleo menu from our diet delivery options or utilize diet delivery suggestions from our nutritional experts to fit your specific caloric or dietary needs.

“You enjoy the perfectly-portioned gourmet lean meals without the hassle of counting calories.”


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